Online Exhibits

One feature of the Ephemera Society’s conference and show in Greenwich, CT each year is a room devoted to exhibits mounted by members and interested others. Many exhibits tell a story on a particular subject, some demonstrate the range and informational value of paper ephemera, others are simply a fine opportunity to show-and-tell favorite items. We invite one and all to participate by putting together an exhibit—or several exhibits—to share with the kindred spirits in attendance.

Now, here, we also offer the opportunity for one and all to display a showing of interesting items online to the world at large. The format is simple: An introductory text of any desired length (within reason), plus a grid of thumbnail images. Clicking on any image will display a larger view of the item.

Several such virtual exhibits have been posted below, and more are in the works.

Those interested in possibly posting their own such exhibit are encouraged to contact Committee Chair Tamar Zimmerman at

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And The Customers Came Knocking

Recent interesting finds #2

by Richard Sheaff

And The Customers Came Knocking

And The Customers Came Knocking 

by Richard Sheaff

Nineteenth century photographer Edward B. Nock (1833-1910) of Cleveland, Ohio came up with an effective promotional idea. 

Back The BB!

Back The BB!

by Richard Sheaff

I have off-and-on over the years accumulated a number homemade, stenciled signs of one kind or another, most of them expressions of protest. I think of them as a genre of folk art. 

Ephemera andCOVID-19

Ephemera and COVID-19

by Gary Horsman

We are all intwined in 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, a dire threat to worldwide society. Though humanity struggled mightily with its past pandemics, it also mustered up the actions, innovations, and discipline needed to make its way through. We will need to do the same today.

Ephemera and Spring Cleaning

Bruce Shyer’s Deco Exhibit

Recent interesting finds

Recent interesting finds #1

by Richard Sheaff

Galleons and Galleons of Good Cheers

Arts and Crafts Cottages Greeting Cards

Publishing the Railroad: The Ephemera Bonanza

Collecting Tiger Images

The Allure of the Three Graces

A Sampling of Wood Engraver Trade Cards

A Sampling of Wood Engraver Trade Cards

Patriotism, Protest, and Propaganda

Kit Hindrichs – Patriotism, Protest, and Propaganda

Sample Evelopes

by  Glenn Mason

More online exhibits are in the works . . . please
keep checking back! If you are interested in
posting something yourself, please do let us know.