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1835 NYC 4th of July Vendor Permit

by Richard Sheaff

This is a wonderful early letterpress card, with type deeply impressed into the heavy cardstock. It is a vendor license to set up a booth in New York City’s City Hall Park as part of the 4th of July celebration activities in 1835. The printer, R. Tyrell, was located close to the park at the corner of Vesey Street and Church Street. Interestingly, the World Trade Center was built at the corner of  Vesey and Church, encompassing the site of the old City Hall and its park.


An 1849 view of the old City Hall and City Hall Park. (Library of Congress)

1835, as it happens, was the year of the Great New York Fire in December, quite near the location discussed.

A Google Maps view of Vesey and Church, at the corner of the World Trade Center site.