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Who should join?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions the Ephemera Society may be right for you.

Do you love history?

Surprisingly often, printed or written items never intended to be saved today provide us with historical insights unavailable anywhere else.

Do you use ephemera as primary source research material?

An early printed ballot, for example, may list each and every candidate, local, state or national.

Do you appreciate vintage paper’s ability to bring past social attitudes to life?

For example, a trade card depicting the head of a child on a the body of a pig might might be speaking to a nineteenth century concern about underweight children.

Do you love vintage graphics?

Ephemera is embraced not only for its content, but also for the beauty of its design, typography, printing or functional category.

Do you consider images to be as meaningful as words?

No longer considered secondary to written texts, visual images are taking their rightful place as primary evidence providing unique insights into cultures past.

Does vintage design inspire your own design work?

Elaborate Victorian type styles and layout, once shunned by Modernist designers, are now very much of interest to current generation artists, calligraphers, letterers and scrapbookers.

Do you gather, study, or research vintage paper, for knowledge or pleasure? Or both?

Then you should join with your like-minded compatriots in The Ephemera Society!

Here is a link to our membership page.