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Benefits of Membership

Ephemera Society - Benefits of Membership


Among the more valuable aspects of The Ephemera Society is its camaraderie. Sharing a passion is one of life’s great pleasures. The ESA offers information, answers, and a special bond of friendship. We encourage interest in ephemera and the history it discloses, and we enthusiastically look forward to welcoming you to join with us!

Supporting the Acquisition, Study & Preservation of Ephemera

The Ephemera Society of America stands in the forefront in the support of the acquisition, study, and preservation of ephemera. We encourage the private and institutional collection and the conservation of materials ranging from unique historic documents to the “throw-away” items of everyday life.

Ephemera Studies Programs

Ephemera is increasingly being used as source material. The Ephemera Society of America participates in ephemera studies programs, seeking to strengthen community awareness of the underlying meaning and uses for ephemera as an educational tool. Through school programs, including our Young Scholars initiative, National History Day and our research grants through the The Philip Jones Fellowship, we  enthusiastically support various wide-ranging ephemera studies.

Care, Conservation and Consultation

Within our organization we have experts in several areas, such as the care and conservation of collections, appraisals and management and placement of collections who are available to assist members in finding a solution to their collection concerns.

Publications, and  Comprehensive Calendars of Events

ESA members receive three issues of the full-color Ephemera Journal annually; the eNews, emailed monthly, which includes nationwide events relating to ephemera, ephemera related events and exhibitions; and a printed Membership Directory that lists members individual interests.

Annual Conference & Ephemera Fair

The Annual Conference is always a stellar symposium now approaching its 40th year, covering a broad array of topics, and drawing on the academic and collecting community to create informative while entertaining programs appealing to our varied interests.

The Ephemera Fair is the finest fair of paper materials in the nation, drawing top exhibitors, and an equally enthusiastic audience. It has become the premier venue for fine ephemera, and is acknowledged to be a superior resource for collectors as well as institutions who seek unique items.

All ESA members receive discounted and early admission.

Our Mid-Year Get Togethers

Each Fall a trip is organized to visit some different area of the country. As a group, attendees enjoy special behind-the-scenes back room access to important museum, library and private collections.

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