The Aftermath of 9/11 – Healing

Michael Ragsdale, a videographer at Columbia University's Center for Biomedical Communications, covers meetings for Columbia and C-Span. On September 11, 2001 he realized he was in a unique position to document many of the responses of New Yorkers to that terrible day. Both on and off the job, he gathered flyers, posters, pamphlets and other ephemera covering the full range of the post 9-11 experience in New York City.

After three years of collecting, he has amassed over 3,000 items. The significance of the collection has been recognized by the Library of Congress, which included over 900 documents from Ragsdale's collection in its September 11 Digital Archive. For more information on the collection please see the article on 9/11 Ephemera.

This online exhibition is focused on ephemera related to "healing" in the aftermath of 9/11.

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