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Author: Tom Topol

Passport 1814 — Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

The above image is of Caleb Strong.

Signed By Caleb Strong who had an influential role in drafting The United States Constitution.

Partly printed document with handwritten additions, large paper seal and signed by Caleb Strong.

Early 19th century US passports are one of the rarest documents a passport collector can find. This masterpiece is a significant US passport history and any museum would love to have it! Massachusetts has played a significant historical, cultural, and commercial role in American history and became the sixth state to ratify the US Constitution. Caleb Strong (1745-1819) was twice (6th and 10th) Governor of Massachusetts, US Senator (1789-1796) and played an influential role in drafting the US constitution. Sadly he left the Constitutional Congress earlier as many others too, so he missed to sign the constitution. Only 38 of 55 participating members signed finally the constitution. However, this document is true US history and one of the earliest US passports I ever had. Extremely hard to find and at the same time in excellent condition for it’s age of 200 years

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Issued in Boston, 4th November 1814