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The Ephemera Society

The Ephemera Society has worked hard for several decades to position itself—and to function—as the central organization in the country for individuals and institutions active in the world of ephemera. We would very much like to grow the organization, both to become a more embracing umbrella, and to increase our membership dues income in order to provide increased services.

The Board of Directors has developed a long range plan, incrementally contingent on growth of its revenue stream. Your support can enable some—perhaps even all—of these desirable goals. We have prioritized a number of activities we believe would better serve and enable the ephemera community:

  • Replace our elderly and outdated website with a new, well-functioning one. This top priority goal, we are happy to say, has now become a reality! It was made possible by the directed generosity of some twenty supporters. An associated aspect of that need was a greatly boosted social media presence, and the Society has now become much more active and visible on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere. We hope and expect to be regularly posting more and more each day / week / month.
  • Sponsorship of regional symposia across the country, each coordinated with events independently planned by other professional and hobby organizations . . . book events, philatelic events, postcard events, paper conservation events, archivist events. We can host ESA presentations in conjunction, and we can set up informational tables at those existing events and provide exhibits, even supply speakers when appropriate.
  • In addition to such joint events, ESA sees real value in regularly increasing its liaison with a long list of other professional and collecting organizations and groups, toward the goal of developing programs and events of mutual benefit.
  • Our annual conferences are excellent, but we wish to be able to disseminate the fine presentations delivered to those in attendance to a much wider audience. This can be accomplished on two fronts: by creating more and better videos, and then posting them throughout the social media; and by the publication of quality stand-alone post conference publications.
  • If and as appropriate ESA might also consider an increased publication program, could assist members with digitizing materials and creating online exhibits, and might engage in a range of other fruitful activities.

Only with increased support will The Ephemera Society be able to achieve these various milestones along its long range route. Your tax-deductible support would help tremendously.


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