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Ephemera Conference 34 – 2014

Conference Focus: Food & Drink: Field to Table

The voluptuous Sophia Loren supposedly quipped “everything you see I owe to spaghetti.” This remark, although apocryphal, serves as an epigrammatic reminder that the food we plant, harvest, package, prepare and eat is a reflection of ourselves and our culture.

Ephemera Conference 34

The distinguished Ephemera/34 speakers have undoubtedly deeply immersed themselves in the “Loren Theorem” and will demonstrate how the often visually stunning ephemera of food and drink similarly both mirrors and influences culture. While this may sound frightfully over-academic to some, one must remember that others have frequently considered food ephemera to be merely rather modern paper abundantly found in dollar bins at antique malls. Apparently, at least in in the popular imagination, the ephemera of food and drink occupies opposite ends of the collecting spectrum: from highfalutin to commonplace.

Conference Brochure

Weaver: Culinary ephemera video

Miller: Shaker seeds

Russo: Tomatos A to Z

Voigt: “What’s on the Menu” video

Michael Osborne: The art of wine labels

Lindgren: Cocktails ephemera video

Sliker & Behm: Little Cookbooks

Zaldin: Economic Darwinism video

Sayers: Dining at sea video

Gifford: Patriotic Thanksgiving postcards

McMillan: A nanny’s manuscript cookbook video