Ephemera Conference 33 - 2013

Conference Focus: Design

The 2013 ephemera conference featured discussions on graphic design, the designs of 500 postage stamps, the artistic styles of ephemera, woodcut designs, whimsical trade cards, ephemera scrapbooking and art-making, and creating an ephemera brag book.

Ephemera Conference 2013

Presentations, Panels, and Workshops

David Jury: “Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers”

Dick Sheaff: “The High Quality of Much Victorian Design”

Panel: Sally Pierce, Mark Tomaski. Leslie Evans, Doug Clouse, moderated by Dick Sheaff - “Lithography vs. Steel Engraving vs. Wood Engraving vs. Letterpress”

David Roasand: “From Art to Ephemera and Back Again”

Tamar Zimmerman: “The Playful Victorian Eye - Historical Precedents in Worldwide Art”

Panel: Cynthia Hart, Caroline Preston and Diane Zumsteg, moderated by Nancy Rosin - “Using Ephemera in Artistic Creation”

Workshop: Wendy Addison and Kate Murray - “An Invitation to Create Art with Ephemera”

Conference Brochure

Sheaff: Overview of 19th century printing introduction video

Short dealer videos about various ephemera: