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Ephemera Conference 22, 2002

Date: March 15-17, 2002
Location: Old Greenwich, CT




Lois-Densky-Wolff: “Mark Me Well – Bookmarks, Pagemarkers and Bookmark Ephemera”

Jon Williams: “Ephemera at the Hagley Museum & Library”

Gino Francesconi: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall History? Ephemera! Ephemera! Ephemera!”

Bruce Conner: “John Wanamaker – Philadelphia’s Merchant Prince” [EN v20n4 (2002), 16-23]

Scott Weimer: “Out of the Box and Onto the World Wide Web – Considerations for Digitizing Ephemera”

Barry Friedman: “An Ephemeral View of Charles Lindbergh” [EN v20n3 (2002), 16-21]