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Ephemera Conference 19, 1999

Date: March 12-14, 1999
Location: Old Greenwich, CT



Fath Davis Ruffins: “Ephemera Collections at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution”

Christine Heidorf: “Civil War Sanitary Fairs – The Albany Army Relief Bazaar” [see Paul Mercer, EJ v16n1 (May 2013) 1, 4-9]

James Corsaro: “Teddy Roosevelt – A Permanent American Treasure”

Marjorie R. Norcross: “Up the Garden Path – Turn of the Century Seedswomen and their Catalogs” [EN v15n1 (1996), 1, 12-15]

Anthony M. Sammarco: “The History of Baker’s Chocolate – A Delicious Memory from the Past” [EN v19n1 (2000), 16-18]

William Reese: “19th-Century American Color Plate Books”