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Ephemera Symposium IV “The American Spirit of Transportation”


Date: October 21-22, 1994
Location: Ann Arbor, MI


Andrew Watt: “Issues in Transportation – A Comparison of 19th-Century American and European Caricature” [EJ v7 (1994), 5-24]

Sandra Markham: “A Transport of Delight – Nicholas Kaufmann – American Cyclist and Entrepreneur” [EJ v7 (1994), 80-93]

Wayne Morgan: “Now, Brownies Seldom Idle Stand – Palmer Cox, The Brownies and Curiosity” [EJ v7 (1994), 25-37]

David Farmer: “Western Views – Enticing Trans-Mississippi Immigration and Tourism” (also in 1998) [EJ v7 (1994), 48-58]

Nicolette Bromberg: “The Best and Fastest Route to Denver – A Century of Promoting the Road Across Kansas” [EJ v7 (1994), 59-73]