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Ephemera Symposium III “The American Play Ethic – Ephemera of Recreation”

Date: October 22, 1993
Location: Worcester, MA


Peter J. Freitag: “Playing the American Dream – The Values of Industrial Society as expressed through Board and Card Games” [EJ v6 (1993), 21-39]

Diana R. Tillson: “Children’s Musical Play – The Role of the Phonograph” [EJ v6 (1993), 86-98]

Arthur H. Groten: “Philately as a Collector’s Paradigm” [EJ v6 (1993), 77-85]

George Gregory Smart: “The Re-Creation of the American ‘Indian’´[EJ v6 (1993), 12-20]

Anne D. Williams: “Leisure in the Great Depression – The Many Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle Story” [EJ v6 (1993), 99-115]

Deborah A. Smith: “Consuming Passions – Scrapbooks and American Play” [EJ v6 (1993), 63-76]

Bruce Whitehill: “American Games of the 1950s – How We Learned and Played” [EJ v6 (1993), 116-128]

Erika J. Wilson: “The Devil is in the Dice – An Examination of Negative Attitudes Expressed Towards Games Players and to the Games Themselves” [EJ v6 (1993), 3-11]

David Galt: “Old Maid’s Extended Family” [EJ v6 (1993), 40-62]