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Ephemera Symposium I “Understanding Ephemera”, 1991

Dates: October 18-19, 1991
Location: Rochester, NY




Andrew V. Raposa: “A Baby in Every Bottle – The Curative Powers of Lydia E. Pinkham” [EJ v4 (1991), 49-64]

John Dilg: “Form as an Analog of the Content of Commerce in 19th-Century Trade Cards” [EJ v4 (1991), 1-16]

Donald W. Brodeur: “Minds, Bodies and 19th-Century Patent Medicine Advertising”

John J. and Selma Appel: “Sino-Phobic Advertising Slogans – The Chinese Must Go” [EJ v4 (1991), 35-40]

Kimberley A. Rich: “Selling the Sentiments – The Marketing History of Hallmark Cards”

Dolph Gotelli: “Santa as Super Salesman”

Barbara Rusch: Trade Card Studies – Factory Views, Images of a New Social Order [EN v9n1 (1991),]

Donald Zaldin: Exploitation of the Dionne Quintuplets [EN v21n4 (2003), 15-21]