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Ephemera 44

March 14-17, 2024

Hyatt Regency Old Greenwich
1800 E Putnam Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT

The taking of opposing positions and advancing them, often to a resolution, is integral to our history. Our March 2024 conference looked at the ephemera of conflict and where possible, resolution. While war, national and international, may first come to mind, our topic also included significant social or political movements where ephemera has been produced to advance an argument or as evidence of what transpired.

The many sides of conflict can include non-aggressive or fervently anti-aggressive positions such as pacifism or diplomacy. Using satire and even humor in the cause of a serious argument can result in ephemera with a “bite.” Ephemera has also been a crucial component in propaganda and disinformation campaigns in a variety of conflicts.

Ephemera 44 included nine presenters who discussed the topics of conflict and/or resolution, relying heavily on tangible ephemera.

Looted and Supplied: Ephemera Travels to the Enemy Richard Thorner

Interactive Political Ephemera: Making a Statement with Mechanical  Paper Ellen G.K. Rubin 

The American War In Vietnam: The Pro-War and Anti-War Movement Stuart Lutz 

Printing 1960s High School Student Activism — Jennifer Hoyer

English Suffrage: Ephemera of Militancy and Response Ken Florey

How the Union Printing Industry Promoted Patriotism and Profited During the Civil War
Vinnie Vaicekauskas and Heather Locklear

Strikethrough: Typography as Protest Stephen Coles

Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s and 1980s  Corey Serrant

Protesting on the Capitol Steps — Barbara Fahs Charles


Ephemera 44 Conference Brochure

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