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Ephemera 42 Speakers

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Lisa Baskin

Promoting Herman Miller Furniture

Jared Arp teaches Environmental Product Design at the University of Colorado. In addition to his product design and business experience, he is also a museum exhibition designer, including galleries for the San Diego Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Art, Missouri History Museum, Monticello, and the Liberation War Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Lisa Baskin

Innovating traditional market spaces in Shanghai

Program Director of Interior Design, Donghua University, Shanghai China, ​MinJoo Baek is an architectural designer and multidisciplinary educator who has shaped her professional activities in design around the critical inquiry of environment and sustainability. The current research area involves socio-ecological architecture and urbanism to create responsive space formation for cities, buildings, and objects.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Amanda Bede

Streetviews: Walking the Ephemeral City on Paper

Jeffrey A. Cohen is an architectural historian who has taught in Bryn Mawr College’s Growth & Structure of Cities Department since 1995. Publications have included co-authored works on the Architectural Drawings of Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1994), Frank Furness: the Complete Works (1991, 1996), and Drawing toward Building (1986). More recent works have focused on forms of representation and evidence tracking the evolution of 18th- and 19th-century cities, more specifically through long urban street-views, fire insurance records, and architectural drawings.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Heidi Herr

Unity of Creation: Designs by Winold Reiss

Curator of Architecture, Design, and Engineering at Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division since 2015, Mari Nakahara’s research for her dissertation on McKim, Mead & White at architectural archives in the U.S. led her interest to become an architectural archivist. Her experience working at archives, not limited to architecture, includes New York Public Library, the Skyscraper Museum, and the Octagon, the Museum of the American Architectural Foundation. Nakahara has also been active in the promotion of architectural documentation in Japan and contributed to the establishment of the first national architectural archive there.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Brooke Kroeger

Creating Spaces in the Movies

Jeannine Oppewall, a native of Massachusetts, worked for eight years in the Office of Charles and Ray Eames, where she learned design at the feet of a master of both furniture and film. She joined the film business working for production designer Paul Sylbert; the first film she designed was Tender Mercies. She has received Academy Award nominations for L.A. Confidential, Pleasantville, Seabiscuit and most recently, The Good Shepherd. Jeannine has designed over 40 feature films, and was one of the first women admitted to the Art Directors Guild.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Susan Anderson Laquer

Creating Amusement Parks in Western Pennsylvania

Jennifer Sopko is a Pittsburgh native who writes for several regional publications, including the Latrobe Bulletin, the Ligonier Echo, and Westmoreland History magazine that she also edits. She is the author of Ligonier Valley Vignettes: Tales from the Laurel Highlands (2013), and Idlewild: History and Memories of Pennsylvania’s Oldest Amusement Park (2018). Her next book will cover lost amusement parks across Western Pennsylvania.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Virginia Noelke

Lippitt House: Using Ephemera to Preserve a Victorian Home

Carrie Taylor joined Preserve Rhode Island as the first director of Providence’s Lippitt House Museum in 2013, After having been Collections Manager at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s plantation in Virginia. Her article “The Lippitts of Rhode Island: Anti-suffrage and Female Political Activism” was recently published in The Bridge: A Joint Edition of the Journals of Newport History & Rhode Island History.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Caroline Preston

Staging the Scene: Theater Set Design

Christine von der Linn joined Swann Auction Galleries in 1993 in the rare book department. She currently serves as Director of Illustration Art, the department she created in 2012. Christine has written about, lectured, and moderated panel discussions on rare books and illustration, and is a member of ArtTable and the ABAA.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Barbara Rusch

Shaping the Nation’s First Rural Cemetery

Meg L. Winslow is Curator of Historical Collections & Archives at Mount Auburn Cemetery, co-author with Melissa Banta of The Art of Commemoration and America’s First Rural Cemetery, Mount Auburn’s Significant Monument Collection, in its third printing. In 2020 Meg was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) (CARES) grant for a crowdsourced transcription project to help transcribe Mount Auburn’s nineteenth-century founding records.

Ephemera Society of America Conference - Jennie Waldow

The Once and Future Station

Richard W. Cameron is a partner in the design firm Atelier & Company and co-founder of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Architectural Digest and numerous other publications.