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The Valentine – A Tribute to Love

by Sarah Ashlock
Nancy Rosin is President Emerita of the Ephemera Society of America and the President of the National Valentine Collectors Association. Now in its 40th year, the National Valentine Collectors Association preserves and communicates the history of this beautiful material, and enable collectors to meet people who share their passionate interest.…

Dartmouth Winter Carnival Posters

by Richard Sheaff
Dartmouth’s annual Winter Carnival has been a major celebration since 1911. It is a long weekend filled with ski competitions, hockey games, a dogsled race, ski jumping (in years past), skating, parties, ice sculptures, receptions, talks . . . all sorts of events. I once met (twice) and talked with…

TJ Lyons, Boston’s Old-Timey Printer

by Richard Sheaff
From 1924 until his death in 1986, in his 93rd year, Thomas J. Lyons (“TJ”) was a collector of vintage wood and metal type fonts who designed and printed using those fonts. Considered a lovable, energetic, colorful Boston character, TJ loved to put multiple typefaces together in an “old-timey” kind…

A Little Person Inspires a Big Cover: A Leap Year Curiosity

by Nancy Rosin
Every fourth year, an extra day in our calendar resynchronizes earthly time with cosmic time, creating what is officially called a bissextile year, or Leap Year. This year, February 29, 2016, is that Leap Day. Since the thirteenth century, tradition has allowed ladies to legally propose marriage during this year;…

So Much “Stuff”, So Little Time

by Richard Sheaff
One of the great joys of collecting ephemera is that each time we go to a paper show or to an antique mall or onto eBay, we come across interesting things we’ve never seen before. Here are a few recently encountered odds-and-ends. Given the current highly politicized season—and the theme…