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The Secret Life of Victorian Cards

by Barbara Rusch
Like other forms of mass-produced ephemera cards of all types proliferated with the new technologies of the mid-1800s, allowing for increased social interaction and the regulation of social standards that characterized the Victorian era. As the 19th century progressed, rules of deportment became more rigid, and cards helped define the…

Ephemera Collecting – A Growing Field, Hard to Define

by John C. Dann
In 1980, the Ephemera Society of America came into existence and the first Ephemera Show was held. The organization has prospered and the show has become a widely anticipated fixture of the collecting world. Even the phrase “ephemera,” a somewhat equivocal term used to describe “a thing” essentially indescribable with…

Foreshadowing the Silent Movie

by Henry Voigt
The Grandon Hotel opened in Helena, Montana in 1885 when there was still gold in nearby Last Chance Gulch. The daily table d’hote dinner at the Grandon typically began with oysters that were delivered by the Northern Pacific Railroad. Oysters were shelled and packed in containers on the East Coast and…

Passport 1814 — Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

by Tom Topol
The above image is of Caleb Strong. Signed By Caleb Strong who had an influential role in drafting The United States Constitution. Partly printed document with handwritten additions, large paper seal and signed by Caleb Strong. Early 19th century US passports are one of the rarest documents a passport collector…

Arabesques and Circle Eights

by Richard Sheaff
Roller skating is a subject which offers 200+ years of ephemera to collect and/or study. The first appearance of skates with wheels is said to have occurred on stage in London in 1743. Over the next 50 years or so, many different sorts of skates were devised, with the activity’s…