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Lehigh Valley Tours

by Sarah Ashlock
We were discouraged by neither the tropical storm warnings nor the twisting back roads of rural Pennsylvania – the two intense days of tours were superb! We had chosen to meet around the Allentown Paper Show (that sprawling cornucopia of the full range of paper collecting, on the same campus…

Pig Scalders and Such

by Richard Sheaff
Back when America was largely an agricultural nation, folks were accustomed to personally processing their crops and their animals into food for the table. As the 19th century moved along and industrialization increasingly created manufactured tools and equipment, farm machinery became a major sector of the economy. With the development…

Those Wild & Wacky Victorians

by Richard Sheaff
I am regularly amazed at the reckless abandon of so much Victorian imagery. In an era that has somehow become labeled as staid, convention-bound and repressed, ephemeral evidence often testifies otherwise. Here is an engraved image, in full Aesthetic Movement style, of a hippogriff, a mythological beast which nowadays appears…

The Mammoth Garland

by Richard Sheaff
Perhaps the most spectacular exhibit at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago was the truly giant replica of a cast-iron stove at the Michigan Stove Company booth, in the Manufactures Building. Constructed and sculpted of painted oak, the huge stove had room underneath to display many real iron…

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Ephemera!

by Sarah Ashlock
“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” W. Clement Stone The Ephemera Society of America cultivates an interest in ephemera, and in the spirit of this fine November holiday, we want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. The postcard fad of the early 20th century coincided…