Ephemera Bibliography

This bibliography merely touches the top of the iceberg as far as recording publications on ephemera. It begins with a selection of writings on ephemera in general, paper, and conservation. Following are citations to publications arranged alphabetically by their subjects, Almanacs through Visiting Cards. In addition to this list, please refer to the What Is Ephemera? section of this Web site where other writings have been noted.We encourage you to tell us your favorite ephemera categories and to let us know what we should add to this list of sources! General Ephemera
Air Transport Labels
Board Games
Cameo cards 
Commercial catalogs
Crate labels
Greeting cards
Lottery tickets
Paper dolls
Playing cards
Rewards of Merit
Sheet music
Street literature
Trade cards
Visiting Cards

General ephemera

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Air Transport Labels

Airline Artistry, Don Thomas, 1992.

Air Transport Label Catalog (Vol. 1-6), Don Thomas (editor):
- Volume 1A: Europe (Northern & Western Europe), 1993.
- Volume 1B: Europe (Southern & Eastern Europe), 1993.
- Volume 2: Great Britain/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand, 1991.
- Volume 3A: United States (A thru M)/Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands, 1993.
- Volume 3B: United States (N thru Z)/Canada/Caribbean, 1993.
- Volume 4: Latin America, 1991.
- Volume 5: Africa, 1991.
- Volume 6: Asia, 1991.Air Transport Label

En Route: Label Art from the Golden Days of Air Travel, Lynn Johnson/Michael O'Leary, 1993.

Lindbergh and Commercial Aviation, Don Thomas, 1988.

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Martin's Standard Air Transportation Label Catalog, S.F. Martin, 1937 (1971 reprint).

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Nostalgia Northamericana, Don Thomas, 1990.

Nostalgia Panamericana, Don Thomas, 1987.

Poster Art of the Airlines, Don Thomas, 1989.


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Board Games

Games & Puzzles

Bell, R.C. The Boardgame book. Los Angeles: Knapp Press, 1979.

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Cameo cards

Cameo cards and Bella Landauer. Schoharie, NY: Ephemera Society of America, 1992.


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Commercial catalogs

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Crate labels

Fruit Box Labels

Davis, Alec. Package and print: the development of container and label design. London: Faber & Faber, 1967.

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Greeting cards

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Lottery tickets

Landauer, Bella. Some early American lottery items. New York: Privately printed at the Harbor Press, 1928.


Adman in the Parlor

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Printing in AmericaNewspapers

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Paper dolls

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Playing cards

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Rewards of Merit

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Sheet music

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Street literature

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Trade cards

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Visiting cards

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