Dame of the Dictionaries – Society Member Madeline Kripke


September 2, 2013 Sheryl Jaeger

ESA member Madeline Kripke was recently featured when narratively  did a series of articles on mini-museums in NYC.

The article begins...

"This is my favorite wall," Madeline Kripke says as she shines a flashlight at the slang section of her dictionary collection. On the glass-enclosed shelves sit numerous lingo dictionaries that capture the speech of cowboys, flappers, mariners, gamblers, truck drivers, hippies, homosexuals, jive talkers, soldiers, circus workers, hobos, fliers, Valley Girls, thieves, con men and more.

Kripke has dictionaries that–as a fan of them myself–I’d never imagined existed, ranging from a four-century-old tome that looks like some ancient book of spells to miniature dictionaries small as postage stamps kept in lockets that double as magnifying glasses.

View the the full article on Madeline's extraordinary collection at http://narrative.ly/mini-museums/the-dame-of-dictionaries/

Examining Miniature Dictionaries


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