ESA 39: Meet Anthony Carreño

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October 12, 2018 Kirsten Feigel

Anthony (Tony) Carreño is a native of Tampa, Florida. His grandparents immigrated from Sicily and Spain to Tampa in the early 1900s. Mr. Carreño’s passion is documenting and preserving the unique multi-ethnic heritage of Tampa, which was centered on the Cuban cigar manufacturing industry. He has previously served on the board of the Ybor City Museum Society and is currently on the board of El Centro Español de Tampa, Tampa’s oldest mutual aid society. Mr. Carreño is an Associate Producer of two short films on Tampa’s unique history: “A Legacy of Smoke” and “The Weight of Remembering”. The films have been presented in Tampa, Spain, and Mexico, including several film festivals.

Mr. Carreño has been selected to present at ESA 39 on his paper entitled: "The Making of a Landmark Town", on behalf of the Ybor City Museum Society.


Mr. Carreño’s contact information is as follows:
2781 Bayside Dr. S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

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