Benefits of Membership in The Ephemera Society of America


June 23, 2011 by Ephemera Society


Supporting the Acquisition, Study & Preservation of Ephemera

The Ephemera Society of America stands in the forefront, in the support of the acquisition, study, and preservation of ephemera. We encourage both private and institutional collections and the conservation of materials, which might range from vital historic documents, to numerous lesser-known items, now deemed more important as the detailed history of our past is assembled.

An Atmosphere of Cooperation

While the study of ephemera is a valuable solitary endeavor, communicating with fellow enthusiasts becomes an invaluable tool and a way for expanded knowledge to be disseminated. The breadth of our membership, though meetings and our website, facilitates interaction with international collectors, dealers, and scholars, and enhances your experience. Ultimately, an atmosphere of cooperation through scholarship, business, or the invaluable personal contact, enables the material to be shared in ways positive for everyone.

Ephemera Studies Programs

The Ephemera Society of America reinforces ephemera studies through several programs, which seek to strengthen community awareness of the underlying concepts of ephemera. Through numerous efforts, we are reaching out to an expanded audience and educators to develop awareness of the wealth of material, which is now recognized as having historic significance, or contemporary applications to design. Though school programs, such as National History Day, the outreach through our Speakers’ Bureau, and research awards from The Phil Jones Fund, we demonstrate our enthusiastic support for wide-ranging ephemera studies.

Care, Conservation and Consultation

Within our organization, we have experts in the areas of care and conservation of collections, appraisal, and placement, who are available for advice. As members’ needs change, we are available for any consultations.

Scholarly Publications & Comprehensive Calendar of Events

Members receive scholarly paper publications, at least three full-color magazines annually, in addition to a monthly electronic E-News that includes nationwide events relating to ephemera, a Membership Directory, and access to a members only section of the website.

Annual Conference & Ephemera Fair

The Annual Conference is always a stellar symposium featuring expert speakers. The acclaimed seminars, now in their thirty-fourth year, cover a broad range of topics, and draw on the academic and collecting community to create fascinating and important programs which appeal to our varied interests.

The Ephemera Fair is the finest show of paper materials in the nation, drawing international dealers of the highest repute, and an equally exciting audience. It has become the premier venue for fine ephemera, and is acknowledged to be a superior resource for collectors as well as institutions who seek unique items.


Among the most valuable assets we offer, is that of camaraderie. Sharing a passion is one of life’s great pleasures, and there is no doubt that members have available, at their fingertips – using our ESA Directory, or our social-media-enhanced website – information, answers, and the special bond of friendship among ephemerists.

Membership signifies your enthusiastic support and encouragement for our mission. We encourage members, whenever possible, to be active participants. We understand, nevertheless, that some people are gratified to know that their small dues are a major contribution to our success, and we reach out to them, as our equally valuable resource.

Why join?

In the Mission Statement of our organization, you will find answers to the basic questions about the Society, but the answer to “Why join?” is a personal one. Each member plays a vital role in our future. The Society reflects the aspirations and needs of the ephemera community, and offers unique benefits. Each member has an opportunity to participate, or to be a part of the supportive community, but every individual is vital to our overall success, and the important legacy of the materials we cherish.


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