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June 23, 2011 Ephemera Society

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions the Ephemera Society may be right for you.

  •  Do you collect printed material and/or handmade works for its appearance, or how it appeals to your senses?

e.g. Ephemera is not only embraced for its content, but also for the beauty of its presentation which may involve interest in its graphic design, typography, a printing process such as chromolithography, or its format, such as a cobweb valentine.

  •  Do you use ephemera as primary evidence documenting an historical event?

e.g. An early printed ballot setting forth the candidates for an election.

  •  Do you use ephemera to evince a particular social attitude of a time?

e.g. A trade card promoting an agricultural product, which depicts a child’s head on a pig’s body, might demonstrate a nineteenth century goal of eliminating underweight children in marked contrast to today’s concern about obese youngsters.

  • Do you use ephemera as inspiration in design?

e.g. A mid-nineteenth century type face and whimsical image can revive a modern design.

  •  Do you use ephemera as artifacts of history to identify facts, prejudices and other social aspects reflecting their particular time and place?

e.g. A practice widely used in academic programs, sometimes falling under the rubric of  “material culture.” 

  •    Do you use historical images as primary source material in studying the past?

e.g. Visual images can be important for understanding the past. No longer considered secondary to written texts, visual images are taking their rightful place as primary evidence documenting how people lived.  As in the study of “visual culture”.

  •    Are you, essentially, a collector or connoisseur of ephemera?

e.g. Examining and pursing ephemera for knowledge or pleasure or both


If you answered yes to any of these questions link to “become a member”.

If you are reading this after happening onto the site and are new to this enthralling pursuit we welcome you.

Still undecided? Want more information contact our office and a member will contact you.

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