The Royal Game of the Goose


December 5, 2015 Sarah Ashlock

The Grolier Club is hosting, February 14 to May 14, an exhibit from the collection of Adrian Seville, one of our 2015 conference speakers. "The Royal Game of the Goose - 400 Years of Printed Board Games" will feature 70 of these games, including some that show how America was viewed from 'across the pond.' For instance, here is a 1662 game that shows Native Americans in unique images; an 1863 game called the Great Blockade that

celebrated gun-running by British ships during the Civil War; and one from 1899 based on Jules Verne's novel, Le Testament d'un eccentrique, in which the players travel across America to win a legacy from a Chicago millionaire. In conjunction with the exhibit, the Grolier Club is hosting an international colloquium, "Some Beautiful Board Games," on April 5 from 1 to 5 followed by a reception. The program: Irving Finkel (British Museum, London) The Royal Game of Ur; Anne Dunn-Vaturi (Metropolital Museum of Art, NYC) Hounds and Jackals; Alex De Voogt (American Museum of Natural History) Mancala; Adrian Seville (Curator of the Grolier exhibition) Two Fine Goose boards; Andrea Immel (Cotsen Library, University of Princeton) The Game of the Dolphin; Margaret K. Hofer (New York Historical Society) Bulls and Bears: the Great Wall St. Game.


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