David Hall

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February 22, 2011 Ephemera Society


Robert Bogdan

c/o National Book Auctions
1429 Danby Road,
Ithaca, NY, 14850

Phone 607-269-0101

Presentations and Subjects:

The murky world of collectible book and paper valuation.

The ins and outs of collecting and investing in books and paper.

Biographical Information:

David Hall and his staff have sold hundreds of thousands of books and collectible paper items.  His bookselling ventures have evolved over time, first embracing the world of online selling in 1998 and culminating with his current enterprise, National Book Auctions.  He has operated an eBay bookselling business, an online bookstore as well as a traditional bricks-and-mortar bookstore, and currently focuses on independent book auctioning, both online and with a live gallery venue.


Jean McPheeters, President of the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, 607-273-7080;

Ken Kelbaugh, Rochester Bibliophile Society, 585-442-5040

Speaking Engagements:

David Hall is a professional auctioneer and as such, public speaking is part of his regular course of business.  In addition, he frequently is asked to MC gala fundraising events.  He has also presented structured, customized programs to the Rochester Bibliophile Society, the Estate Planning Council of Ithaca and a variety of professional groups related to estate handling.

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