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The Movie Posters Collection

by Sarah Ashlock
The Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin holds more than 10,000 vintage movie posters. From silent era film ephemera to current movie posters, you're bound to spend hours exploring the collection. The famous Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX was operated by Interstate A bulk of the collection…

Corsets – The Evolving Shape of the Women 1900-1920s

by Sheryl Jaeger
The objective of corsets was to improve on the body type of every woman. Emphasis was on the waist. By the 1880s the corset had become an elegant and desirable object in a woman's wardrobe with much attention paid to its design and execution. Corset makers and manufacturers took great…

Encased Postage Stamps: The “New Metallic Currency”

by Steve Swain
Of the many shortages of goods and services in the early years of the U.S. Civil War, none was more interesting than the shortage of coins and the enterprising and creative solutions to remedy that shortage using postage stamps. In 1862, paper money was not backed by gold or silver…

Colonial America Lotteries

by Steve Swain
In the United States today, lotteries are run by 46 jurisdictions: 43 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and (US) Virgin Islands. Hot Lotto. Decades of Dollars. Wild Card 2. 2by2. MegaHits. Tri-State. Mega Millions. Powerball . Win for Life. Pick 10. Mid-day Numbers. MatchPlay. The list is…

Civil War “Dog Tags”: Sutlers Solve the ID Dilemma

by Steve Swain
During the American Civil War, soldiers were concerned that their bodies would not be identified in the aftermath of a battle because neither the Union nor Confederate government-issued identification tags, commonly called “dog tags” today. Consequently, many soldiers would write their name on a piece of paper and pin it…