Mentoring Program

We are now offering to our members, new and old, the opportunity to join our mentoring program. The program seeks to put together those who seek help with those who are willing to offer it.

The purpose of this program is to address a commonly expressed need, especially from new collectors, for help in their collecting endeavors. This help might be mechanical: how do I store my collection; how do I organize it; where can I get supplies, etc. Or, it might be didactic: how do I synthesize the material; how do I think about what I've collected; how do I begin to tell the story it contains.

Not every mentor can answer every question but he or she will be able to direct the inquirer in the proper direction to get the answer. Some mentors have expertise in specific areas and are well qualified to help collectors in those particular areas. Others are generalists. But all stand ready to help.

The only qualification needed to either give or receive help is membership in the Society and a willingness to work with each other. The Society acts merely as the meeting-place for these interactions.

The list includes the name of a mentor and state in which they reside as well as their email address, if listed. Referral to the Society's Membership Roster will supply additional information.

Malam al Mujahid, NJ :
Elizabeth Baird, ME
Kit Barry, VT;
Bindy Bitterman, IL;
Inez Brooks-Myers. CA;
Elizabeth Burdon, OR;
Diane DeBlois, NY;
Art Groten, NY;
Rhonda Hawes, CT;
Bart Ingraldi, NJ;
Charlie Kamerman, OR;
Charles Kiddle, GB;
Lee Kirk, OR;

Diana Korzenik, MA;
Richard Lancaster,GA;
Barbara Loe, MN;
Glenn Mason, OR;
Bob Minnocci, MA;
Wayne Morgan, Canada;
Ed Nolan, WA;
Dee Radcliffe, Hawaii;
Robert Richhafer, AZ;
Nancy Rosin, NJ;
John Sayers, Canada;
Ron Stegall, ME;
Patrick Sweeney, MI;
Frank Walsh, GA;


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