Smithsonian Archive’s Collection of Artists’ Handwritten Letters


June 14, 2016 by Sarah Ashlock

The Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art house that includes incredible handwritten letters. Many of these are by prolific artists. Could you …
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Knock Me Your Lobes


May 18, 2016 by Dick Sheaff


The Incomparable Jim Flora Artist and commercial illustrator Jim Flora (1914-1998) had one of the most wildly imaginative twentieth century …
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Fresh Items


May 12, 2016 by admin


  This ephemera world of ours is just chock-full of interesting stuff. Here are some things I’ve recently come across. …
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Old Glory


May 5, 2016 by Dick Sheaff


    At this year’s March conference in Greenwich, I exhibited a presentation of an “Old Glory” booklet which I …
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Strange Trains


April 25, 2016 by Dick Sheaff


        Though both my father and his father worked for the Boston & Maine Railroad for their …
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Simple Little Black & White Clues


April 18, 2016 by Dick Sheaff


  The humble small, vintage business card . . . often type only, often printed letterpress, often on coated stock, …
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The Future Foretold


April 8, 2016 by Dick Sheaff


    As the nineteenth century drew to close, it became popular to predict in print what life might possibly …
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Die-stamped Wooden Trade Card


March 30, 2016 by Dick Sheaff


    One prized acquisition at the recent Ephemera Society conference and fair in Greenwich was a trade card, apparently …
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The Flowering of Color Printing


March 24, 2016 by Sarah Ashlock

Even eye-catching trade cards like these were created for temporary use and expected to be discarded. However, the combination of attractive images printed in full color and a clever marketing strategy to issue cards in sets made them irresistible to collect and save. Mignonette, Dahlia, Phlox, trade cards, 1888, unidentified printer, color lithograph on paper, 4¾” x 3”. Gift of Jay T. Last. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

by Dave Mihaly, originally posted on The Huntington’s blog In “The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement, 1887–1920”—the exhibition on …
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The fight for the soul of the Republican Party, 1912 edition


March 11, 2016 by Sarah Ashlock

By Linda Ocasio This collage, assembled on the back of a postcard postmarked May 17, 1912, is a snapshot of the …
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