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Locations are indicated by the volume number followed by the issue, year, and page number. A 1983 labeling error resulted in issues that year designated Spring 1983, Summer 1983, or Fall 1983. References in bold indicate an illustration. Information will be updated annually.

Adman in the Parlor: Magazines and the Gendering of
Consumer Culture, 1880s to 1910s, The
, by
Ellen Gruber Garvey (v14n4: 1996) p. 6

Advertising Ink Blotters: Collector's Guide and Price List, by S. Morton Zweig, MD and Roberta Teitel (v23n2:
2005) p. 7

Advertising Trade Card—Book 1, The, by Kit Barry (Summer 1983) p. 11

Affordable Art Deco Graphics, by Susan Warshaw Berman (v21n1: 2002) p. 5

Amazing 3-D, by Hal
Morgan & Dan Symmes (Summer 1983) p. 12

America's Early Advertising Paper Dolls, by Lagretta Metzger Bajorek (v17n4: 1999) p. 6

American & European Postcards of Harrison Fisher, by Naomi Welch (v18n1: 1999) p. 7

American Books on Food and Drink, by William R. Cagle and Lisa Killion Stafford
(v18n2: 2000) p. 5

American Daguerreotype, The, by Floyd & Marion
Rinhart (Spring 1983) p. 14

American Legends of the Wild West, by Richard Mancini (v13n1: 1994) p. 16

American Periodicals: A Collector's Manual and Reference
, by Steven Lomazow (v14n4: 1996) p. 6-7

American Political Ribbon & Ribbon Badges: 1825-1981, by Edmund Sullivan & Roger A. Fischer (v4n4:
1985) p. 12

American Postcard Guide to Tuck, The, by Sally S. Carver
(v2n2/3: 1982) p. 11

Americanopoly—America as Seen Through Its Games, by Bruce Whitehill (v23n2: 2005) p. 5-6

America's Favorite Food: The Story of Campbell Soup
, by Douglas Collins (v13n1: 1994)
p. 17

An Album of Animal Companions: A Collection of
Turn-of-the-Century Photographs and Ephemera
by Karen L. Schnitzspahn (v15n1: 1996) p. 6

An Ounce of Preservation: A Guide to the Care of Papers
and Photographs
, by Craig A. Tuttle (v15n1:
1996) p. 6

Annotated Bibliography: World's Columbian Exposition,
Chicago 1893
, by G.L. Dybwad and Joy V.
Bliss (v13n4: 1995) p. 8;

Antiquarian, Specialty, and Used Book Sellers: A Subject
Guide and Directory 1997-98
, edited by
James M. Ethridge and Karen Ethridge (v15n3: 1997) p. 6

Appraisals: A Guide for Bookmen, Practical Methods and
Essential Principles
, by Marvin Mondlin
(v16n1: 1997) p. 5

Arbuckles: The Coffee That Won the West, by Francis L. Fugate (v13n2: 1995) p. 16

Art and History of Black Memorabilia, The, by Larry Vincent Buster (v19n3: 2001) p. 8

Baseball Games: Home Versions of the National Pastime
, by Mark Cooper  (v14n1: 1995) p. 5

Beauty and the Beast: Human-Animal Relations as Revealed in Real Photo Postcards, by Arnold Arluke and Robert Bogdan (v29n3: 2011) supplement.

Before and After Trade Card, The, by Ben Crane (v13n3: 1995) p. 7

Before Photocopying: The Art and History of Mechanical
Copying 1780-1938
, by William Streeter and
Barbara Rhodes (v18n1: 1999) p. 7

Bicentennial of Lithography, The, by Michael Twyman, J. Curtiss Taylor, Gary F.
Kurutz, George K. Fox (v19n1: 2000) p. 7

Bit of Brundage: The Illustration Art of Frances Brundage,
, by Sarah Steier and Donna Braun (v17n4:
1999) p. 6

Black Soldiers - Black Sailors - Black Ink, by Thomas Truxtun Moebs (v12n3: 1994) p. 7

Bookplates by Beilby & Bewick: A Biographical
, by Nigel Tattersfield (v18n3:
2000) p. 7

Broadway Ballyhoo, by
Mary C. Henderson (v8n2: 1990) p. 8

California Orange Box Labels, by Gordon McClelland and Jay T. Last (v4n2: 1985) p. 12

Camera Lucida: Reflections of Photography, by Roland Barthes (v1n3: 1981) p. 12

Canvassing Books, Sample Books, and Subscription
Publishers' Ephemera
, by Keith Arbour
(v15n2: 1997) p. 6

Cat Made Me Buy It: A Collection of Cats Who Sold
Yesterday's Products
, The by Alice L. Muncaster & Ellen Yanow (v4n3: 1985)
p. 13

Character Trademarks,
by John Mendenhall (v11n4: 1993) p. 5

Chicago Day at the World's Columbian Exposition, by G.L. Dybwad and Joy V. Bliss (v16n3: 1998) p. 6

Christmas Curiosities, Odd, Dark, and Forgotten Christmas, by John Grossman (author) book review (v27n2: 2009) p. 7

Civil War Occupational Licenses, 1863-1873, by John Alan Hicks (v22n4: 2004) p. 7

Clipper Ship Sailing Cards, by Bruce Roberts (v25n4: 2007) p. 5-6

Collectible Movie Posters: Illustrated Guide with Auction Prices, by Jim Halperin and Hector Cantu (v28n4: 2010) p. 6

Collecting Printed Ephemera, by Maurice Rickards (v7n2: 1989) p. 4

Collecting Rock ‘n' Roll: Sheet Music of the 1960s, by Valerie Carallo (v24n3: 2006) p. 10

Collectors Guide to Theatrical Postcards, A, by Richard Bonynge (v13n1: 1994) p. 16

Color Explosion: Ninteenth-Century American Lithography,
, by Jay Last (v24n3: 2006) p. 8-9

Complete Works of Harrison Fisher Illustrator, The, by Naomi Welch (v18n2: 2000) p. 6

Culinary Ephemera, by William Woys Weaver (v29n4: 2011) p. 5-6

Decoratieve Prenten met Geschreven Wensen, 1670-1870, by Leontine Buijnsters-Smets (author) book review (v27n3: 2009) p. 7-8

Design and Printing of Ephemera in Britain and America, 1720—1920, The, by Graham Hudson (author) book review (v27n2: 2009) p. 6

Dictionary of Historic Documents, The, by George C. Kohn (v11n1: 1992) p. 6

Dream of Santa: Haddon Sundblom's Vision, by Barbara Fah Charles and Robert Staples (v11n2:
1993) p. 4

Early Lithographed Books, A Study of the Design and
Production of Improper Books in the Age of the Hand Press,
by Michael Twyman (v9n4: 1991) p. 6;

Encyclopedia of Ephemera: A Guide to the Fragmentary
Documents of Everyday Life for the Collector, Curator, and Historian
, by Maurice Rickards (v19n2: 2001) p. 6;

Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume IV, The by Stuart Kaplan and Jean Huets (v24n4: 2006) p. 7-8

Entrepreneurs, by
Joseph J. Fucini and Susan Fucini (v5n2: 1986) p. 13

Especially Cats, by
Cynthia C. Delvlio & Esta Speedby Ross ((v4n4: 1985) p. 13

Extraordinary Exhibitions: Broadsides from the Collection
of Ricky Jay
, by Ricky Jay (v24n4: 2006) p.

15 Puzzle: How it Drove the World Crazy, The, by Jerry Slocum and Dic Sonneveld (v25n1:
2006) p. 5-6

Fisching for Forgeries, by Lawrence Tortaro (v26n3: 2008) p. 8

Flowering of Art Nouveau Graphics, The, by Julia King (v12n2: 1994) p. 21

Four Victorian Kerosene Lighting Catalogs, Historic
Lighting Reprints, Volume 3
, by David
Broughton (v25n4: 2007) p. 7

Fragments of the Everyday: A Book of Australian Ephemera, by Richard Stone (v24n1: 2005) p. 4-5

From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands, by M. Stephen Miller (v26n1: 2007) p. 7-8

Fun Along the Road: American Tourist Attractions, by John Margolies (v16n4: 1998) p. 5

Goods for Sale: Products and Advertising in the
Massachusetts Industrial Age,
by Chaim M.
Rosenberg (v26n2: 2008) p. 5-6

Great Forgers and Famous Fakes, by Charles Hamilton (v15n1: 1996) p. 7

Gutmann & Gutmann Artists: A published Works
Catalogue, 4th Edition
, by
Victor J.W. Christie (v20n1: 2001) p. 7

Halloween: Collectible Decorations and Games, by Pamela Apkarian-Russell (v18n4: 2000) p. 5

Harrison Fisher: Defining the American Beauty, by Tina Skinner (v17n3: 1999) p. 4

Heller Scraps: The History, by Lilian Bell Heller (author) book review (v27n3: 2009) p. 7

History and Magic of Honeycomb, The, by Jeannette Lasansky and Virginia Gunn (v16n2:
1998) p. 5-6

History Comes to Life: Collecting Historical Letters and
by Kenneth W. Rendell (v13n4:
1995) p. 8

History of Drug Containers and Their Labels, by George Griffenhagen and Mary Bogard (v20n3:
2002) p. 6-7

Hitting the Road: The Art of the American Road Map, by Douglas A. Yorke Jr. and John Margolies (v14n4:
1996) p. 7

Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Card, The, by Tom and Judy Dawson (v19n3: 2001) p. 7-8

Home Away from Home: Motels in America, by John Margolies (v14n3: 1996) p. 7

Images of America: Armenians of Worcester, by Pamela Apkarian-Russell (v19n3: 2001) p. 8

Images of American Radicalism, by Paul Buhle and Edmund Sullivan (v15n3: 1997) p. 7; (v16n3: 1998)
p. 6

Inventing Kindergarten,
by Norman Brosterman (v15n4: 1997) p. 6

Jigsaw Puzzle: Piecing Together a History, The, by Anne D. Williams (v23n2: 2005) p. 6

Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Issue 24, The, by The Wolfsonian, Florida International University
(v20n4: 2002) p. 6-7

Kinship of Women: A Celebration of Enduring Friendship, The,
by Pat Ross (v15n3: 1997) p. 6

Kovels' Bottles Price List, by Ralph and Terry Kovel (v15n1: 1996) p. 7

Language of Graphics, The, by Edward Boothe-Clibborn & Daniele
Baron (Fall 1983) p. 10

Larger Than Life: The American Tall-Tale Postcard,
, by Cynthia Elyce and Morgan
Williams (v10n3: 1992) p. 7

Letterheads: One Hundred Years of Great Design 1850-1950, by Leslie Cabarga (v10n4: 1992) p. 8

Letters from the Avant Garde: Modern Graphic Design, by Ellen Lupton and Elaine Lustig Cohen (v15n1:
1996) p. 6-7

Lewis Carroll Looking-Glass Letters, edited by Thomas Hinde (v13n1: 1994) p. 16

Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts and Other Artists’ Enumerations from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art, by Liza Kirwin (v28n4: 2010) p. 5-6

Local Tickets of Global Lands, by Gordon Fairchild (v28n2: 2010) p. 6

Long May She Wave, by
Kit Hinrichs and Delphine Hirasuna (v20n1: 2001) p. 6-7

Lutz-Kiler Collection of Calling Cards, Plus Reward of
Merit and Scripture Cards, The,
by Phyllis
M. Brunelle (v21n4: 2003) p. 7

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Mammy and Uncle Mose,
by Kenneth W. Goings (v13n2: 1995) p. 16

Manhole Covers, by
Mimi and Robert A. Melnick (v13n4: 1995) p. 9

Matchcover Collector's Price Guide, The, by Bill Retskin (v16n3: 1998) p. 7

Match Book: Indian Matchbox Labels, by Shahid Datawala (v26n2: 2008) p. 4-5

Material Culture of the American Freemasons, by John D. Hamilton (v13n4: 1995) p. 8

Matter of Taste, A, by
William Cagle (v18n3: 2000) p. 8

Mechanical Bank Trade Cards, by Bruce Roberts (v15n4: 1997) p. 6

Miller's Movie Collectibles, by Rudy and Barbara Fanchi (v21n3: 2003) p. 9

Minnesota on Paper, by
Moira F. Harris and Leo J. Harris, (v25n2: 2007) p. 6

MORE — Adventures of an Antiquarian Bookman, by Harold Nestler, (v23n3: 2005) p. 10

More Halloween Collectibles, by Pamela Apkarian-Russell (v17n2: 1999) p. 5

More Than Words: Illustrated Letters from the
Smithsonian's Archives of American Ar
t, by
Liza Kirwin (v24n3: 2006) p. 9-10

Myth America, Picturing Women 1865-1945, by Carol Wald (Summer 1983) p. 14

Nation of Shopkeepers, Trade Ephemera from 1654 to the
1860s in the John Johnson Collection
, by
Julie Lambert (v20n2: 2002) p. 6

The 1933 Chicago World’s Fair: A Century of Progress, by Cheryl R. Ganz (author) (v27n4: 2009) p. 5

Noble's Catalog and Price Guide of National Political
Convention Tickets and Other Convention Ephemera,
edited by Edward Krohn (v15n1: 1996) p. 6

Nonsense & Common Sense: A child's book of Victorian
by John Grossman and Priscilla
Dunhill (v11n3: 1993) p. 9

Ocean Steamers: A History of Ocean-Going Passenger
Steamships 1820-1970
, by John Adams (v12n3:
1994) p. 7

Official Price Guide to Antiques and Collectibles (18th edition) by Rinker Enterprises
(v18n3: 2000) p. 7-8

Old and Curious Playing Cards, by H.T. Morley (v9n3: 1991) p. 5

100 American Flags, by Kit Hinrichs, Delphine Hirasuna, and Terry Heffernan (v28n1: 2009) p. 7

100 Years of Political Campaign Collectibles, by Mark Warda (v14n4: 1996) p. 6

One Hundred Years of Valentines, by Katherine Kreider (v17n3: 1999) p. 4

On Women & Friendship: A Collection of Victorian
Keepsakes and Traditions,
by Starr Ockenga
(v11n3: 1993) p. 9

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, The, by Robert M. Overstreet (v13n4: 1995) p. 8

Paper Advertising Collectibles: Treasures from Almanacs to
Window Signs
, by Robert Reed (v16n3: 1998)
p. 7

Paper Collectibles: the Essential Buyer's Guide, by Robert Reed (v14n1: 1995) p. 5

Paper Dolls, by Anne
Tolstoi Wallach (Summer 1983) p. 11

Paper Soldiers: The Illustrated History of Printed Paper
Armies of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries
, by Edward Ryan (v14n1: 1995) p. 5.

Phono-Graphic: The Visual Paraphernalia of the Talking
, by Arnold Schwartzman (v12n2:
1994) p. 20

Political Postcards, 1900-1980, by Bernard L. Greenhouse (v3n3: 1984) p. 4

Postcard Century, The, by Tom Phillips (v19n3: 2001) p. 6

Postcards from Santa Claus: Sights and Sentiments from the
Last Century,
by Robert C. Hoffman (v21n3:
2003) p. 8

Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened, by Jason Rodriguez (v26n2: 2008) p. 6

p>Poster in History, The, by Max Gallo (v11n1: 1992) p. 6

Posters of the WPA, by
Christopher DeNoon (v7n1: 1988) p. 7

Poster Stamps: The American Story, by Charles Kiddle (v29n1: 2010) p. 7-8

Prairie Fires and Paper Moons: The American Photographic
Postcard, 1900-1920
, by Hal Morgan and
Andreas Brown (v1n3: 1981) p. 12

Preservation of Library & Archival Materials: A Manual, edited by Sherelyn Ogden (v18n3: 2000) p. 7

President's Table: Two Hundred Years of Dining &
, The, by Barry H. Landau (v26n4: 2008) p. 5-6.

Presidential Campaign Illustrated Envelopes and Letter
Paper 1840-1872
, by James W. Milgram
(v13n4: 1995) p. 8

Prestige, Status and Works of Art: Selling the Luxury Car 1888-1942, by Thomas T. Solley (v28n3: 2010) p. 6-7

Prince of Forgers,
translated by Joseph Rosenblum (v17n1: 1998) p. 6

Printing 1770-1970, an illustrated history of its
development and uses in England
, by Michael
Twyman (v18n2: 2000) p. 6

Prints and Printmakers of New York State, 1825-1940, edited by David Tatham (v5n3: 1987) p. 5

Puzzles from Catel's Cabinet and Bestelmeier's Magazine
1785 to 1823
, by Jerry Slocum and Dieter
Gebhardt (v16n1: 1997) p. 5

Railroad Signatures Across the Pacific Northwest, by Carlos A. Schwantes (v14n2: 1996) p. 5

Rare Silver Dollars Dated 1804 and the Exciting Adventures
of Edmund Roberts, The
, by Q. David Bowers
(v18n4: 2000) p. 5

Real Photo Postcard Guide: The People's Photography, by Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh, (v25n2: 2007) p. 5-6

Real Photo Postcards: Unbelievable Images from the
Collection of Harvey Tulcensky,
edited by
Laetitia Wolff (v24n4: 2006) p. 6-7

Red Leather Diary—Reclaiming a Life Through the Pages of a
Lost Journal, The
, by Koppel, Lily (v26n4:
2008) p. 6.

Reel Art: Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver
, by Stephen Rebello and Richard
Allen (v7n2: 1989) p. 4

Reflections Volume II: Ephemera from trades, products
& events
, by Kit Barry (v13n2: 1995) p.

Register of Ephemera Collections in the United Kingdom, published by the Centre for Ephemera Studies
Department of Typography & Graphic Communications, University of Reading,
Reading, England, (v22n3: 2004) p. 9

Reinventing the Wheel, by
Jessica Helfand (v21n4: 2003) p. 6-7

Remember When—A nostalgic trip through the consumer era, by Robert Opie, (v20n4: 2002) p. 6

Reminiscences of a Birdman, by Robert D. Campbell (v29n3: 2011) p. 7-8

REWARDS OF MERIT, Tokens of a Child's Progress and a
Teacher's Esteem as an enduring aspect of American Religious and Secular
by Patricia Fenn & Alfred P.
Malpa (v13n2: 1995) p. 1;

Roadside America: Architectural Relics from a Vanishing Past, by John Margolies (v29n1: 2010) p. 8

San Francisco Wasp: An Illustrated History, The, by Richard Samuel West, (v23n1: 2004) p. 5-6

Scrapbook: An American History, by Jessica Helfand (author) book review (v27n3: 2009) p. 6

Scrapbook in American Life, The, edited by Susan Tucker, Katherine Ott, and Patricia P Buckler (v25n1:
2006) p. 6-7

See The USA: The Art of the American Travel Brochure, by John Margolies and Eric Baker (v18n3: 2000) p. 8

Shaker Image, The, by
Elmer R. Pearson & Julian Neal (v13n4: 1995) p. 8

Shelf Life: Modern Package Design 1920-1945, by Jerry Jankowski (v11n2: 1993) p. 5

Sheppard's International Directory of Ephemera Dealers, published by Richard Joseph Publishers Ltd. (v16n3:
1998) p. 7

Shipping Literature of the Great Lakes, A Catalog of
Company Publications,
edited by LeRoy
Barnett (v13n1: 1994) p. 6

Small Cards, Great Stories, by Gejus van Diggele (v25n4: 2007) p. 6-7

Smallest Posters in the World: Poster Stamps, by Santi Barjau and Victor Oliva (v22n1: 2003) p. 7

Snake-Oil Syndrome: Patent Medicine Advertising, The,
by A. Walker Bingham (v12n2: 1994) p. 21

Soapine DID IT!, by
Dave Cheadle and W.H. Lee  (v19n3:
2001) p. 6-7

Studio Cards: Funny Greeting Cards and People Who Created
, by Dean Norman,  (v22n3: 2004) p. 8-9

Survey of 19th Century Rhode Island Billheads, A, by
Russell J. DiSimone (v21n1: 2002) p. 5-6

Symbols of America, by
Hal Morgan (v5n2: 1986) p. 13; (v6n4: 1988) p. 6

Tastes & Smells of Halloween, The, by Pamela Apkarian-Russell (v19n4: 2001) p. 8

Theatre Posters, by
Aileen Reid (v13n1: 1994) p. 16

The Handy Book of Artistic Printing, by Doug Clouse and Angela Voulangas (v28n1: 2009) p. 6

The Oral History Workshop, by Cynthia Hart and Lisa Samson (v28n3: 2010) p. 7

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, by Caroline Preston  (v29n4: 2011) p. 6

Three for a Nickel: Martha's Vineyard Postcards 1900-1925, by Patricia H. Rodgers (v21n3: 2003) p. 8

300 Years of Housekeeping Collectibles, by Linda Campbell Franklin (v16n4: 1998) p. 5

Ticket to Paradise: American Movie Theaters and How We Had
, by John Margolies and Emily Gwathmey
(v10n4: 1992) p. 8

Titanic: The Story of the Disaster in the Newspapers of
the Day
, From the Collections of Eric Caren
and Steve Goldman (v17n2: 1999) p. 5

Trade Card in Nineteenth Century America, The,
by Robert Jay (v6n2: 1988) p. 4.

Treasure Ship S.S. Brother Jonathan: Her Life and Loss
, The, by Q. David Bowers (v19n1: 2000) p. 8-9

Two Hundred Years of Bicycles, by Jim Murphy (Fall 1983) p. 12-13

Ultimate Quire of Quotes, The, by Darrell Hyder and Wendell Garrett (v19n4: 2001) p. 8

United States Internal Revenue Tax-Paid Stamps Printed on
Tin-Foil and Paper Tobacco Wrappers
, by
John Alan Hicks (v8n2: 1990) p. 8

Valentines for the Eclectic Collector, by Katherine Kreider (v19n1: 2000) p. 7-8

Valentines with Value,
by Katherine Kreider (v14n3: 1996) p. 7

Van Houten, by Patrick
Marks (v12n1: 1993) p. 15

Victorian Fairies and the Enchanting Little People of a
Romantic Age
, by Dave Cheadle (v24n1: 2005)
p. 4

Victorian Household Album, The, compiled by Elizabeth Drury and Philippa Lewis (v14n1: 1995) p. 5.

Victorian Trade Cards Historical References and Value
, by Dave Cheadle (v15n3: 1997) p. 6

Views and Viewmakers of Urban America, by John W. Reps (v10n1: 1991) p. 13

Wake Up, America! World War I and the American Poster, by Walton Rawls (v7n2: 1989) p. 4

Wanted Dead or Alive: the True Life Accounts of the
Desperados of the Wild West from the Actual Newspaper Reports of the Times
, by Stephen Goldman (v13n4: 1995) p. 9

Warman's Antique American Games—1840-1940, by Dennis Lee (v4n4: 1985) p. 12

Warman's Paper (vol.
VII Encyclopedia of Antiques and Collectibles), by Norman E. Martinus and Harry Rinker (v13n2:
1995) p. 4

Washday Collectibles,
by Pamela Apkarian-Russell (v19n1: 2000) p. 8

Weapons of Mass Dissemination: The Propaganda of War, by Marianne Lamonaca and Sarah Schleuning, (v23n3:
2005) p. 11

Where Did You Find That? Adventures of an Antiquarian
, by Harold Nestler (v20n1: 2001) p. 7

William Newman A Victorian Cartoonist in London and New York, by Jane E. Brown and Richard Samuel West (authors) book review (v27n4: 2009) p. 4

Winter Rules: A Commonplace Book, by George Gardner Herrick (v16n2: 1998) p. 6

Wish You Were Here: A Tour of America's Great Hotels
during the Golden Age of the Picture Post Card
by Barry Zaid (v12n1: 1993) p. 15

World of Donald Evans, The, by Willy Eisenhart (v12n3: 1994) p. 20.

Yesterday's Paper—Collective Ephemera in Australia, by Vivienne O'Neill (author) book review (v27n1: 2008) p. 6

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