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March 2019 Recent Acquisitions - Ephemera Society PERIODYSSEY
Feburary 2019 Recent Acquisitions - Ephemera Society PERIODYSSEY
January 2019 Recent Acquisitions - Ephemera Society PERIODYSSEY
Walkabout books catalogue 5 Walkabout Books
December 2018 Recent Acquisitions PERIODYSSEY
Catalogue 10: Food & Drink, a culinary miscellany Rabelais Inc.
November 2018 Recent Acquisitions PERIODYSSEY
Catalog 240 Peter Masi - Books
rare original pamphlets Henry Berry, books/ephmera
MFK Fisher Archive lizzyoung bookseller
Catalog 159, Rare Americana David M. Lesser Fine Antiquarian Books LLC
 California In'tl Book Fair 2018 Eclectibles
UntitledLDRB Offering JUNE 2017 Lord Durham Rare Books
e-list-36e-list No. 36  Miscellany: Bowling Dinner, the Hollywood Hat, The Bungalow Camp Club Life & Of Course, the Children Eclectibles
Catalogue Seven Front Cover w-frameCatalogue Seven: Mighty Tasty Cookbooks Rabelais: Fine Books on Food & Drink
 e-35_Page_01e-list No. 35 Eclectibles Miscellany: Lydia Pinkham, Uncle Tom, The Wrong Overcoat & Of course, the Children Eclectibles
UntitledEphemera 37 Part 2 – Travelogues, Hawaiian textiles, Victorian Vanity &  Of course, the children... It’s all about the Children… Eclectibles
List 17-1 pdf_Page_01List 17-1 SOME NEW ACQUISITIONS & A BIT OF OLD Cultural Images
CABF2017_Page_01A Short List of Items we will be exhibiting in Oakland & Of Course, the Children It’s all about the Children…
rabelais6_Page_01Catalogue 6 - Groups Collections and Small Archives Rabelais
Untitlede-list No. 21 Miscellany: Anti-Slavery Library, The Arcade Railway, Elevators & Of Course the Children Eclectibles
Manuscript Catalogue 2016.docx_Page_01Manuscript Cookbooks & other handwritten documents relating to food & drink Rabelais
Untitlede-list No. 22 Miscellany: Police Signal Transfers, Battle of New Orleans & Of Course the Children Eclectibles
CataloCatalogue FIVE online version_Page_02gue Five: American, Continental and English Cookery Rabelais: Fine books on food & drink  Rabelais
Screenshot_20170331-085359 Ephemera 37  Part 1- Albums, Journals, Sketch Books, etc. Eclectibles



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