View a Video of The Black Fives Exhibition, Curated by ESA 35 Speaker Claude Johnson


February 26, 2015 Sheryl Jaeger

How the "Sporting Life" impacted the social and cultural development of America:

The Black Fives Era of Basketball (1904-1950) explores the important role of African American basketball teams.

"The Black Fives" is a short film by award winning director Marco Williams, produced by the New York Historical Society to introduce the first-ever comprehensive museum exhibition on the Black Fives Era of basketball (1904–1950). The production is narrated by Claude Johnson, founder and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation, who is also the museum's guest curator for the exhibition.

The video can be viewed at The Black Fives Exhibition: Short Film Intro

Claude will be presenting "The Crucial Role of Ephemera in Tracing Black Basketball History" at Ephemera35.


Claude Johnson, an author and a historian, is President & Executive Director of the Black Fives Foundation, a public 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to use the pre-1950 history of African-American basketball to engage, teach, and inspire youth, while honoring its pioneers and their descendants. Most recently, Claude was guest curator of “The Black Fives,” a museum exhibition at the New-York Historical Society (March-July 2014).




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